The Birth of Cut Bridge Productions

Not your average outlook.

After more than half a decade of working in the film industry, Sean O'Laughlin founded Cut Bridge Productions in 2018 with the purpose of bringing good people together to tackle meaningful productions and to prove their ability to do a lot with a little. 

"We're kind of a MacGyver crew, figuring out ways to accomplish really beautiful shots without blowing up the budget. If that means doubling an Inspire 2 as a Ronin, so be it."


Cut Bridge's first production was a documentary following Seine Boat rowers, the modern blue-collar gladiators who race in the annual St. Peter's Fiesta in Gloucester, MA to honor the patron saint of fishermen. 

"Without the money to pull off a half million dollar production, we had a dozen crew members volunteering their time: from our local DP, Camera Ops and PAs to Drone Ops flying in from Las Vegas and Media Management and Camera OPs from Orlando. It was a shoot where we had good and passionate people giving their all for a shared vision. That's the type of energy I want to bring to every production." 

With a background as a Production Coordinator, Sean knows the value of organizing a shoot with enough multi-talented professionals to get the job done without going overboard on crew staffing. 

"It plays to our mindset of doing a lot with a little. Ego has no place on our productions - I can direct, produce, fly a camera drone, lug an equipment bag or get coffees for the crew. When everyone is willing to help team members out, the production feels less like work and more like a sport." - Sean O'Laughlin