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DSNS near mine field.heic

Lighter Helmets for Firefighters

Part of the reason for filming with the Ukrainian Firefighters was to create content that the Deminers could use when trying to raise funds for needed gear. With highlights reels taken from a larger documentary objective, I think I've done that... but we can do better. 

For the 5,000 firefighters who are carrying out demining operations in the civilian areas of Ukraine, they will be clearing landmines, boobytraps and unexploded 
ordnance for the rest of their lives. Day in and day out they will be in harms way, in heavy protective gear which causes back problems, neck and shoulder issues, headaches and fatigue. 

I will be reaching out to politicians and manufacturers of lighter weight ballistic helmets, such as Team Wendy, and I will be asking them to aid the Firefighters of Ukraine. However, I am just a filmmaker... what we need are savvy volunteers to work on this objective. If you would like to join me in this cause, send me an email and let's put our heads together.


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